In a world of ambiguity and relativity, perception constructs reality.

Assertions and assumptions drawn about our reality only return us to square one—we know nothing. Despite the paradoxical prospect, we can know something about nothing, and be a little more certain about something.

Hence the birth of a study dedicated to the love for and of knowledge and wisdom: Philosophy.

From differentiating good from bad to answering questions without answers, the complexity and extensiveness of the field remains fascinating. Just as every superior quality possesses an inferiority, Philosophy is often misconstrued, misunderstood, and mistaken.

Yet its eminence does not dismiss its prevalence; a spark of curiosity or an instance of wonder, the question of “why” always lights up the path to possible answers. It is the daily encounters with moments of inquiry that form loose alphabets into purposeful discourses and fruitful columns.

And just as Literature serves as extensions of human intellect across time and place, Philosophy holds the esteem of the root of knowledge and stands at the frontier of discovery.

Philosophy is the analytical exploration of all things in our world—internal or external, abstract or concrete, incomprehensible or intelligible.

The reality, hence, may not be professed as indubitable, as the number of unanswered questions exceed the amount of solutions. With humility, our threshold of cognition rests no further than our current philosophical state.


Learn the history and basics of Philosophy or view a Crash Course on the subject below.


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